When Life is made easy!

– Large area installation without transitions

– No acclimation needed

– Extra rigid core – no more telegraphing of small
sub floor imperfections

– Installs below, on and above grade, and directly
over most existing hard surface floors

– Quick-and-easy to install, thanks to the floors convenient click system


Quartz Enhanced Urethane Coating

Giving FIRMFIT its extra resistance to heavy foot
traffic, scuffs and micro-scratches.


Deep Structured Decorative Layer

Providing the look & feel of a premium hardwood flooring.


Extra Rigid Plasticizer-free Mineral Core

• Extra stable & rigid
• 100% Waterproof
• Free of Plasticizers and Ortho-Phthalates


Optional Pre-attached Backing

Providing additional sound barrier and extra joint support.

Install directly over most existing
hard-surface floors!


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