Firmfit vs LVT, WPC, Laminate

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tiles or Planks flooring is made using PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which gives the material a dense but elastic construction. The material is considered “resilient” due to its ability to compress and expand with contact instead of cracking. Unlike regular vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl can handle full liquid submersion without warping or discoloration.
Luxury vinyl flooring is protected by durable “wear layer” of urethane for maximum protection and orthopaedic comfort. The thicker the wear layer is, the more durable the flooring to high foot traffic.


  Waterproof.

  Versatile.

  Affordable.

  Durable.

  Easy-to-maintain.


  Not DIY friendly.

  Unstable to sunlight and high temperature variations.

  Susceptible to scratches.

  Telegraphing of subfloor imperfections – not suitable to installation over lessthan-perfect subfloor.

 Requires acclimation prior to installation.

  Not suitable for large area installation.

Laminate is multi-layer wood fibre based flooring, it is fused together with a lamination process:

 Wear resistant overlay

 Decorative paper (melamine impregnated paper)

 HDF – high-density fibreboard core, which makes the flooring very rigid.

 Balancing sheet

Laminate flooring is installed using click system, also known as a “floating floor” system, meaning it does not need to be nailed or glued down to the subfloor. This makes for an easy installation process for DIYers, but also means that the flooring material should NEVER get wet. Moisture and humidity can severely damage laminate floors due to the sponge-like fibreboard layer and aerated gap underneath. Installation of laminate flooring in bathroom, kitchen or other high moisture areas is not recommended for this reason.


 Durable and scratch resistant.

 Rigid – no telegraphing of small subfloor imperfections.

 Impact resistant.

 Affordable.

 DIY-friendly.

 Easy-to-maintain.


 Not suitable for wet areas.

 Requires acclimation prior to installation.

 Not suitable for large area installation.

 Not sound absorbent.

WPC stands for Wood Plastic/Polymer Composite. However, many WPC flooring products don’t contain any actual wood, but a wood flour (a finely ground wood powder) made from hardwoods. WPC flooring is technically a LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank) because it has a vinyl surface. It can also be marketed as being an engineered/enhanced vinyl floor.


 Waterproof.

 No telegraphing of small subfloor imperfections.

 DIY-friendly.

 Installs over a large area without transition profiles.

 Requires no acclimation prior to installation.

 Easy-to-maintain.


 Unstable to high temperature variations.

 Not resistant to impacts and heavy static loads because of its core, which is generally half the density of LVT.

FIRMFIT is a rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. The floor’s structure is close to LVT, however there are two main aspects that make FIRMFIT very different:

 The flooring’s core is mostly made of limestone, rather than PVC.

 Unlike LVT or WPC products, FIRMFIT’s core contains 0% plasticizers, which are chemical additives used during manufacturing to make the PVC softer and easier to handle.

The combination of the two makes FIRMFIT extra rigid and much more stable to temperature variations, as well as sunlight.

FIRMFIT flooring combines all of the pluses of other flooring solutions, including LVT, Laminate and WPC, but none of their minuses:

 Waterproof.

 Stable to high temperature variations and sunlight.

 Limestone based rigid core – no telegraphing of small subfloor imperfections.

 Installs over a large area without transition profiles – up to 6400ft2 / 620m2.

 Suitable for every room – including bathrooms, kitchens, and even sunrooms.

 Highly resistant to impacts and heavy static loads.

 Requires no acclimation prior to installation.

 Versatile designs with embossed surface for real wood/stone look & feel.

 DIY-friendly – the flooring comes with an easy-to-install click system and

requires minimum subfloor preparations.

 Affordable.

 Pet-friendly – durable and stain resistant.

 Sound absorbent.

 100% plasticiser-free core.

 Low VOC emissions.

 100% recyclable.

Luxury Vinyl
1100% Waterproof
2Stable to high
temperature variations
3Stable to sunlight
4Large area installation
(6400ft2 / 620m2)
without transitions
5Extra resistant to impacts
& heavy static load
6No acclimation required
7No telegraphing of small
subfloor imperfections
8Suitable for every room
9Min subfloor preparations
11Sound absorbent
12Plasticizer-free core
(incl. ortho phthalates -
Prop 65 compliant)
13Very low VOC emissions
14100% recyclable
TOTAL SCORE14/145/1410/147/14